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National Cups

2021 USASA National Amateur Cup

What is the USASA National Amateur Cup?

The USASA National Amateur Cup is one of the oldest continuously organized soccer competitions held in the United States.

Amateur teams get the chance to play highly competitive games against teams from all over the country with the goal of being crowned National Champions.

The Cup is administered by the United States Adult Soccer Association and all participating teams must be affiliated with a USASA State Association or one of the following Member Organization - AYSO, Club Soccer, EDP, NPSL, SAY, or UPSL.

How do I qualify for USASA National Amateur Cup Finals?

To qualify for the National Finals, teams must win their respective Regional Competition. The final four teams compete over the first weekend in August. Semi-Finals are played on a Friday evening and the Final is played on Saturday evening.


Qualifying format for Region 4

  1. The Entry Deadline is April 16, 2021
  2. Games begin the weekend of April 24, 2021
  3. Games will be roughly every 2 weeks depending on the number of teams entered
  4. Region 4 Finals will be June 26, 2021
  5. National Finals will be August 7-8, 2021 (Final Location TBD)


How do I register for USASA National Amateur Cup Region 4 qualifiers?

  1. To reserve your spot in the competition please click on the below link to begin the process:

a. Create an Account

b. Search for your team

c. If a team is not found, Create one

d. Fill out the form to register your team (Team Fee: $200)

    2. By registering you are reserving your team spot for the competition. Teams will be accepted until payment is received. 

   a. Payment can be mailed to the national office or paid with a credit card during registration

    3. Eventually you will need to enter your roster for players to be used for cup games.


For any questions with the Region 4 Amateur Cup qualifiers contact:


Pierre Ramirez

USASA Office

Amateur Cup Hosting Requirements


United States Adult Soccer Association

The finals for the US Amateur Cup will be hosted by one of the four regional finalists. It will take place 13 to 14 September 2019.

Teams interested in hosting should review the requirements shown below. To apply as host, provide a bid with the details of the location that sets forth the requirements to host and the ability to deliver the supplies and equipment necessary. Semifinal matches are expected to be played on Friday, 13 September. The final to be played on Saturday, 14 September.

The application is to be emailed to USASA Executive Director Duncan Riddle –



  1. Field Dimensions:
    • Length no more than 120 yards, no less than 100 yards.
    • Width no more than 80 yards, no less than 65 yards
  2. Goals must have nets securely in place.
  3. Field must be properly marked in accordance to the FIFA Laws of the Game
  4. Corner flags on posts not less than five (5) feet high with a non-pointed top.
  5. Bench Area:
    • Player benches or chairs for the teams either side of halfway line.
    • Warm-up area and access to fields to be roped off from all others
    • Canopies or small tents over player benches.
    • Table between benches for Fourth Official and Commissioner.
    • 5-Gallon containers of water on each player bench with cups. Water & ice to be continuously refilled
  6. Locker Rooms
  • Minimum of 2 locker rooms for teams.
  • Minimum of 2 locker rooms/private changing area for referees.
  1. Spectator area:
    • Located at opposite side of benches (if stadium, then indicated distance from bench area)
    • Seating available: bleachers or seats
  2. Practice area: if not at game location, then practice fields must be made available for those teams desiring to practice from Thursday through Saturday at a nearby location.


  1. Administrators to be provided with a complete list of addresses and telephone numbers of the following:
  • Field contact person and alternate
  • Hotel contact person(s)
  • Hospital in area with directions to each one
  • Emergency telephone numbers
  • Emergency centers in area
  • Trainers
  • Tournament volunteers
  1. Storage facility for balls, trophies, medals and banners which are kept locked at all times.


  1. One large tent or trailer away from players and spectators for the referees.
  2. Bottled Water, ice and cups provided continuously throughout the tournament
  3. Fruit and snacks for referees throughout the tournament (oranges, Gatorade, bananas, raisins)
  4. Lunches for referees each day
  5. One 6-8 foot long tables and a minimum of eight chairs
  6. Two small tables with chairs for pre-match orientation and post-match evaluation.


  1. Trainer on duty at least one hour prior to the first match of the day until the end of game activities.
  2. Area provided for trainer at a central location for taping and injuries.
  3. Trainer provides necessary equipment and supplies including taping, ice, ice bags/packs.
  4. Trainer has significant knowledge of emergency services and hospitals in the area


Bathrooms or portable toilets to accommodate teams, officials and spectators must be at the facility for use throughout the event.


  1. A central location for the presentation of trophies.
  2. PA system.
  3. Internet access made available for web streaming.


Provide list of potential hotels in the area, pricing and contact information. Final hotel contracts will be negotiated and executed by USASA.

Keep in mind that hotel accommodations are for USASA staff, referees and teams traveling to the finals. Indicate distance of hotels from venue and from nearest airport.


List the major airports in the area and airlines that serve them.


  1. Ball boys/girls provided at each match to assist in retreat of balls
  2. Concession stand/food vendor available for teams and spectators
  3. Local press contacts


In submitting your application, include the following information:

  • Club
  • State Association
  • Club Contact to include name, address, phone, cell phone and email
  • Name of the facility
  • Permit authority for the facility
  • Insurance requirements necessary to obtain a permit

The application should address each of the requirements set forth above. Include a picture of the facility and any internet link to it.

2018 Region IV National Cup

2018 Details

Open to all Region IV/USASA Member Teams*

Knockout rounds determined by draw (geographic locations will be taken into account)

Entry Fee $300/Team

Prize Money for Winning Teams in each round

Winner Advances to National Amateur Cup Final (August 2018)

Entry Deadline by March 2018

*Teams registered with Cal South will need to play in their State Cup to advance to the Region IV National Amateur Cup Qualifiers.


2018 Format

  • The number of rounds will be determined by the final number of entries.
  • A draw, with travel distances taken into account, will determine matchups.
  • Home teams will be responsible for finding a field and all expenses.

2018 Prizes

Winning teams will receive $300 each round and the Region IV Champion will receive $1,000.

National finalists will receive:

  • Champion - $15,000 and entry into the 2018 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup and the Hank Steinbrecher Cup
  • Runner Up - $10,000
  • 3rd Place - $7,500
  • 4th Place - $5,000

International Clearance Requests

Specific questions regarding player registration and international clearances can be directed to the US Soccer Registration Department.

About the USASA Werner Fricker Open Cup and US Soccer Lamar Hunt Open Cup

In previous years, winners of the USASA Werner Fricker Open Cup would advance to the US Soccer Lamar Hunt Open Cup. Beginning in 2016, that is no longer the case. Therefore, teams that enter the USASA Werner Fricker Open Cup no longer play to qualify for the US Soccer Lamar Hunt Open Cup.

To enter the US Open Cup, please refer to US Soccer's website.

2017 Region IV National Cup Photos

USASA Region IV Amateur Cup - June 2-4, 2017

USASA Region IV USSF Men’s Amateur Cup Commissioner’s Report


First, I must thank the members of Cal South for being such great hosts, providing all the participants, referees and administrators with a top quality event.  Cal South can claim double kudos for putting on a great event and seeing their team, the L.A. Wolves, win the playoffs.  The L.A. Wolves will represent USASA Region IV at the national finals.  Eric Wynalda, coach of the L.A. Wolves, told me that the Wolves are very interested in hosting the national championship.

The “championship game between the L.A. Wolves and the Latina Soccer League Union Jerez was played under sunny skies, and 91 degrees on the field, at the beautiful Silver Lakes Soccer Complex.

The game was deadlocked at 0-0 after regulation time and during the extra periods of play the Wolves finally broke down the tough Union Jerez defense and put the game out of reach 3-0.

An additional word of praise is in order for the members of the Portland State University.  Their spirit and attitude was the example for all of the other participants.  They came to the playoffs with only twelve players, took two lashings and then finished their tournament with a 5-5 tie.  They overcame adversity, demoralizing defeats and finished without ever uttering a negative comment and finished the tournament in high spirits.  They got their reward in the final match coming back four times to tie the game 5-5.  They also stated, as they were getting ready to drive back to Portland, Oregon, that they will enter the cup again next year.

The referees also should be given our gratitude for their performances.  We learned that several of the referees attending did so at their own expense, receiving no financial help from their state associations.

As in all events there were some things that could bear improvement.  There are several rule modifications or clarifications that I would like considered at a later date.  Nothing way out of line but issues that I feel need clarification.

End Region IV Cup Commissioners report

Cup Forms

International Clearance
Nat Cup Entry Form 2017
Nat Cup Game Report Form
Nat Cup Player Pool Form
Nat Cup Policies (Rules)

Teams should check with state associations prior to accessing these forms.

2017 Cup Locations

Regional Event - Silver Lakes Soccer Complex in Norco, CA

National Final - TBD
National Final - Aug 4-6, 2017

2017 National Cup

Region IV Amateur Cup - June 2-4, 2017

Silver Lakes Soccer Complex in Norco, CA
California State Soccer Association South

National Cup Final

August 4-6, 2017
Location TBD